Business challenges

Cashpoint Cash Management

Banks have a difficult challenge. The cash in their ATMs, bank offices and other points of service simply doesn’t generate income. What’s more, each of these locations requires regular, and often expensive, service.

Thankfully, there’s a better way. Logistics planning and routing can help your bank better manage your cash loading and refilling process. The results may release a large amount of cash and reduce your service expenses.

You might have 5 ATMs at an airport and 2 ATMs at a nearby shopping mall. When it’s time to replenish one of them, you can save time and money by analyzing the cash in the nearby ATMs and refilling them at the same time. The reduced use of special personnel and equipment can result in large savings.

    Cash Management Optimization Solutions

    Veeroute allows you to:

    • Predict the cash available at selected cashpoints – and account for variables such as working hours, shift durations, compatibility parameters and security requirements – to develop an effective replenishment plan
    • Combine your cash prediction module with Veeroute transportation optimization algorithms to plan delivery and routing
    • Stress test your encashment system
    • Analyze how the system reacts to random events
    • Install the Veeroute optimization engine in your IT infrastructure