Engine features

By Design.

The Veeroute Combinatorial Optimizer Is Flexible And Easy To Integrate

The Veeroute optimization engine allows you to easily extend its functionality, improve its performance and enhance its integration capabilities:

Veeroute Cloud-Based Optimization Easily Adapts To New Business Tasks

Easy adjustment/tuning to solve new combinatorial problems

As we described in the Combinatorial and Linear/Mixed integer optimization section, combinatorial optimization is fundamentally different from LP/MIP. Unfortunately, there is no universal language to describe a combinatorial problem. Thankfully, Veeroute’s architecture allows you to easily adjust algorithms and introduce new components. This allows our combinatorial optimization engine to “know” the problem it solves and address new sets of problems. Our routing model supports transportation optimization and another set of models support production scheduling.


The Veeroute Optimizer Has High Performance, Scalability And Quality



We’ve invested a great deal of time and attention into Veeroute’s quality, performance and scalability. Veeroute will help you manage these attributes and ensure the optimization engine’s performance matches your requirements.

Cloud-Based Veeroute Optimization Engine Easily Integrates With The Customer Internal System


Ease of integration is one of Veeroute’s strengths. As an analytical tool for the transportation system that tests innovations and finds ways to improve, you can use Veeroute as a stand-alone solution. For daily use, you can quickly and easily integrate it into your company’s IT infrastructure. We’ve also designed Veeroute’s problem-specific API and its extension mechanism to allow rapid extensions.