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Handling Uncertainty& Stochastic Behavior

Veeroute Optimization Considers Uncertain And Random Events

If your models don’t account for uncertainty, your results probably won’t be accurate. You also won’t be able to calculate the likelihood your plan is actionable or that a minor change will affect it. This is an important part of the risk management and risk mitigation processes you need to perform to evaluate your plan’s resiliency.

Veeroute can help by addressing the stochastic behavior and uncertainty in your process. We use uncertainty when we have little information about what may happen. By contrast, we use stochastic to convey the amount of randomness in a process.

Stochastic behaviors:

Cloud-Based Optimizer Veeroute Considers Traffic Jams And The Road Situation

Traffic delays

We all know the inconvenience that traffic jams can cause. Veeroute lets you use statistical information from GIS providers or your own statistics to determine how they will affect your delivery times.

Veeroute Transportation Optimization Considers The Time Of Entry, Exit And Parking

Variances in time

Taken together times to drive, drive away and park at a location can have a profound impact on your transportation schedule. Veeroute produces accurate results by allowing you to account for the variations in the time it takes to complete them.

In Transportation And Logistics, The Veeroute Optimizer Considers The Work Time At Each Route Point

Delivery time

The time it takes to complete work tasks – think of unloading a truck or obtaining required signatures – can vary from one stop to the next. Veeroute can account for these variations and help you remain on track.


Veeroute Cloud-Based Optimization Engine Takes Delivery Postponements Into Account

Changes in delivery time

If a customer changes a delivery time window, Veeroute helps you select the best rescheduling option for your needs.

Veeroute Delivery Optimization Considers Incoming And Canceled Orders

New orders and cancellations

If a new order arrives or a cancellation occurs, the Veeroute optimizer reworks your trip schedule to help you avoid losses and disruptions.