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Problem-specificoptimization engine

Veeroute Cloud-Based Optimization Engine Uses Problem-Oriented APIs For Effective Interaction With Users

Veeroute’s API allows users to describe a problem in business terms. For example, you might use this API to define how you:

  • Perform delivery or transportation services in a way that reflects inputs such as hard or soft time windows, driver tasks, parking times, delivery sequences and the compatibility of orders and trucks, orders and drivers and orders and orders.
  • Work with fleet parameters such as fleet size, individual truck and truck fleet availability, body dimensions, service boundaries and compatibilities.
  • Manage driver characteristics such as their availability, work-rest schedule, start and finish locations, salaries, bonuses and overtime pay.
  • Optimize measures such as costs, service levels and visual groupings.

The API’s design meets the OpenAPI specification. It uses JSON to send data to the Veeroute server and receive the results from the server. You can test it by using API developer tools such as Postman or Veeroute analytics that use tables to describe your transportation system and generate JSON.