Engine features

More detail. Better results

Veeroute Cloud-Based Optimization Takes Into Account Many Details In Transportation And Logistics

Combinatorial problems are complex since they consider a lot of details. That’s why an optimization engine that can’t account for all the details that are part of these complex problems won’t produce accurate results.

The optimization engine can help you by evaluating the many details that determine your system’s performance and by its support for automated decision making.

Let’s look at some of the detail Veeroute could consider as it optimizes a transportation approach. You’ll find it accommodates nearly all the requirements you need to effectively plan your deliveries:

  • Orders
  • Drivers
  • Fleet
  • Time windows
  • Location-based work
  • Order fulfilment tasks
  • Sequence of work activities
  • Compatibilities issues
  • Orders
  • Cargo dimensions
  • Volume and weight
  • Custom size parameters
  • Cargo rotation
  • Fixed relationships
  • Orders in the same trip
  • Tariffs

Time windows for pick-ups and drop-offs

You can use Veeroute to address most, if not all, of your challenges related to delivery time windows. You can also develop complex delivery schedules that allow you to meet multiple delivery windows.