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Long Haul Delivery and Multimodal Transportation

While last mile delivery accounts for most of the cost, long haul delivery is the backbone of most transportation systems.

The efficiency you gain from your long haul delivery directly affects the service level agreements you can provide your customers.

To be successful, long haul delivery providers must manage a variety of requirements. Some are country-specific: In the United States, for example, a driver may only work for 14 hours before he or she must take a 10-hour break.

Other requirements reflect a wide variety of potential transportation (multimodal transportation) options. Your delivery might travel by rail from one terminal to the next and then travel by truck to its destination. If you deliver internationally, your cross-border transportation planning must account for tariffs and wait times.

Delivery providers must manage all these requirements and the time windows, shifts, locations, working hours and multiple pickup and drop-off locations that come with them.

    Long Haul Transportation Solutions

    Veeroute can help you:

    • Develop long haul transportation planning and routing that accounts for requirements such as work schedules, vehicle maintenance, pickups and drop-offs, toll roads or roads that are inaccessible from seasonal limitations, weather conditions or weight restrictions
    • Analyze a variety of strategies to develop a long-haul delivery strategy that minimizes costs and improves service
    • Optimize long haul and last mile deliveries to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost