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Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Transportation network design always has a measure of risk.

Risk assessment allows you to estimate your transportation network’s ability to resist unique events (risk) and your design’s ability to recover after a disruption.

There is a clear trade-off between transportation system efficiency and resilience. As your transportation network becomes more efficient, it also becomes less resilient. If you use a lean approach to improve your network’s efficiency, an unexpected change such as an increase or reduction in demand could destroy it. However, if you invest too much into risk mitigation, the cost of these improvements could reduce your competitiveness.

Whatever approach you take, the process you use to design your transportation network must evaluate how uncertainty could influence it. It also needs to help you understand how you can mitigate these risks.

    Address Your Risk Management Challenges.

    Veeroute allows you to test how different types of risk may affect your transportation network and understand how you could improve its design:

    • Learn how your transportation network reacts to uncertainty and identify which events could destroy it
    • Evaluate your network’s resilience – how well it performs after a disruption – and estimate the time it will take to recover
    • Stress test your transportation network to understand its strengths and limitations
    • Design your transportation logistics to find the right balance of reliability and efficiency