Business challenges

Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery is an important consideration for every business which offers delivery services.

Think about a large express delivery company with well-established logistics. They may use hundreds of trucks and planes for intercity transportation. But they may use tens of thousands of trucks and drivers for the last mile.

In fact, last mile delivery accounts for most of the cost - and most of the requirements and constraints – that are part of the delivery process. Issues such as time windows, shifts for trucks and drivers, traffic, working hours, pickup and drop-off locations make last mile delivery a challenging problem.

At the same time, customers are more demanding than ever. To ensure your company has efficient, agile transportation logistics, you’ll need to continually analyze and optimize your performance. It’s the only way you can meet changing customer requirements and keep your costs low.

    Optimize your Last Mile

    Veeroute’s cloud-based optimizer can solve your last mile delivery problem by accounting for all your constraints and requirements:

    • Do short-term, long-term and same-day delivery planning that accounts for a variety of time windows, traffic levels, work shifts, vehicle pickup and drop-off locations, and cargo pickup and drop-off locations
    • Dynamically reschedule your routes. In most cases, our optimizer can resolve large delivery problems - even those with over 20,000 delivery points - in less than 15 minutes. If you only need to reschedule a few of your routes, you'll receive near-instant results.
    • Adjust your routes based on a given trip’s execution status
    • Do on-time-delivery (OTD) planning if you must deliver by a specific time
    • Use different optimization criteria – including cost, service levels and reliability – for delivery planning and routing
    • Analyze how you can improve your transportation network by testing multiple what-if scenarios in a risk-free virtual environment