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Palletizing optimization

Palletizing helps reduce the volume of cargo during its transportation and storage.

Palletizing is the process of packaging goods on pallets, wherein loads of various shapes and sizes are converted into compact transportation units that are convenient to transport and store.

Palletizing makes it possible to solve multiple logistical issues at once:

1. Cargo unification ensures that all pallets have the same shape and volume. This makes the processes of loading, delivering, and unloading goods faster and better coordinated.

2. Palletization helps to ensure the safety of goods. The pallets’ contents are densely fixed with packaging film, which protects the cargo from moisture, dirt, and mechanical damage.

3. Palletizing reduces the volume of the consignment to be transported. This is because, due to the dense packing, the cargo takes up less space in the vehicle body.

4. Cargo standardization facilitates the logistics planning as well as the analysis of transportation and the operation of storage systems.

    What does optimal palletizing mean?

    The effectiveness of packaging directly affects transportation costs. If the goods are stacked on pallets densely, with minimum gaps, then the total cargo volume will decrease. Therefore, fewer vehicles will be required for transportation — thus, transportation costs will be lower as well.

    At the same time, while palletizing, it is necessary to consider not only the weight and size characteristics but also the compatibility of goods, current transportation restrictions, the customer's specific requirements, and other significant details.

    Suppliers that have tens of thousands of items in their product range have to struggle with packaging planning in particular. Not a single employee would be able to effectively operate the huge amount of data that would be needed to optimally stack 30,000 boxes of various sizes on pallets, considering all the parameters and requirements. At the same time, the price of inattention might be extremely high; in big companies, transportation expenses can amount to millions.

    Optimize your palletizing process

    Veeroute Packer, a cloud-based packaging optimization service, creates a detailed palletizing plan in a few seconds. It is capable of taking into account the weight and size characteristics of the goods, packaging requirements, cargo compatibility, transportation restrictions, and many other parameters that are essential for your business processes.

    • Minimize your shipping costs. The denser the goods will be stacked on pallets, the fewer vehicles will be required for transportation. Sizes and shapes don't matter since the Veeroute Packer service plans the packaging with a predetermined accuracy of up to 1/25 inch.
    • Save time. Veeroute Packer automatically generates detailed packaging instructions; the calculation time for 50,000 boxes takes only 10 seconds.
    • Optimize your workflow. Palletizing optimization considerably reduces the amount of operational workload for office and warehouse employees alike.