Case studies

Learn how Veeroute optimization technology
enhanced our clients’ businesses

Veeroute optimization is successfully used for long-haul transportation.

Long-haul delivery optimization and logistics management automation

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case private-commercial-bank

Optimization and AI
in Cash Logistics

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Packaging optimization allowed a construction materials supplier to cut shipping costs in half.

Palletizing Optimization and Automation

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Veeroute optimization decreases delivery planning time in e-commerce

Delivery optimization for an eCommerce retailer

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case security-systems-provider

Automated Service for the Security Systems Provider

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The Veeroute optimization engine helps premium retailers maintain a high level of service

Delivery Optimization in Premium Appliance Retail

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The IT-ecosystem with integrated Veeroute optimizer showed excellent results in delivery planning.

Automating the Transportation Management With Combinatorial Optimization

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The Veeroute optimizer implements delivery planning for the DIY retailer taking into account the dimensions and shapes of the goods3

Scaling the Logistics of a DIY Retailer

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