Business challenges

Fleet and Driver Optimization

There’s no doubt that a team of effective drivers and an extensive vehicle fleet can help you meet your customers’ requirements. However, they both bring much higher costs.

Balancing profits and performance require you to consider a massive amount of complex information. Among other details, you’ll need to review your service level agreements, vehicle maintenance schedules, driver working hours, depot and customer locations, and shipping dimensions and weight.

At the same time, your needs could change. You’ll likely have to monitor your performance to know when to adjust. And since you can’t make immediate changes, you’ll want to make the best use of your time and investments. If your strategic planning process doesn’t go well, you may not be able to meet your customers’ service level agreements and remain competitive.

    The Advantages of Robust Fleet Optimization

    The Veeroute optimization engine allows you to:

    • Organize your fleet, drivers and other resources into an efficient transportation network
    • Optimize fleet utilization and account for your customers’ requirements
    • Prepare your transportation network for changes in demand, service level agreements and growth
    • Analyze different transportation strategies and the resources they require
    • Estimate your fleet’s efficiency, idle time and work time by accounting for legal requirements that govern work and rest schedules.