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Transportation Analytics and Optimization

Transportation might be the most important part of your supply chain. It’s also likely one of the most expensive. That’s why reducing your transportation costs – and, by extension, reducing your supply chain costs – can be a competitive advantage for your business.

So how do you make your supply chain more agile and efficient? A detailed assessment of your transportation network’s performance is a good first step. You also must find ways to better meet your customers’ expectations.

Of course, the ideal solution is to test any proposed improvements to your transportation logistics before you implement them. This important step helps ensure they all meet your expectations.

    Enjoy the benefits of Transportation Optimization

    Veeroute’s comprehensive set of tools allow you to:

    • Analyze a variety of transportation strategies, identify the best transportation logistics design for your needs and develop a plan to implement it.
    • Evaluate the cost of meeting your customers’ requirements and develop flexible service level agreement (SLA) based pricing.
    • Determine the ideal balance of owned and rented fleets.
    • Try combinations of optimization criteria – including cost, profit, revenue, fleet, routes, quality, shifts and delivery time – to choose the solution which best meets your business needs.
    • Test a variety of what-if scenarios – including proposed changes - to learn how they would affect your transportation network’s performance.
    • Test your transportation network’s design and learn how to improve it.
    • Examine your transportation network’s design to assess your risk and learn how to reduce it.
    • Test assumptions or proposed changes to your transportation network.