Business challenges

Express Delivery Services and Postal Service

Providing express delivery services isn’t easy. To safely and securely deliver these packages in a time-sensitive manner, you’ll need well-designed and well-organized dispatching rules and processes.

In many ways, the pickup and drop-off problems you’ll encounter are the same as last mile delivery problem. However, dispatching is different. Postal service or express deliveries assume you move your packages from one of your infrastructure’s hubs to the next hub by truck, rail, ship or plane. Differing priorities may require you to use different channels, within defined timeframes, that each have a different cost.

You must design your dispatching rules to satisfy all those requirements. You’ll also need to account for postal traffic, size of local and international infrastructure and fierce competition to find optimal, consistent rules and their dynamic analysis and adjustment.

    Express Delivery Optimization Solutions

    Veeroute optimizer helps you:

    • Find the optimal set of dispatch rules to efficiently manage deliveries and satisfy customer requirements
    • Analyze and dynamically adjust rules to quickly react to new changes and requirements
    • Perform a stress test to determine which flows your dispatching rules can handle
    • Assess different strategies to determine how to best organize your delivery and exceed customer expectations
    • Estimate your delivery costs for one or many types of post to better plan your budget and set pricing
    • Analyze your rules’ effectiveness and adjust them as necessary