Business challenges

Dynamic Planning and Routing

Well-designed supply chains and effective transportation logistics often become increasingly lean.

Over time, your company’s ability to deliver your goods faster and provide better customer service will allow you to invest less money into inventory, warehouses and terminals.

However, business demands can change overnight. If your company provides same-day delivery services, you may need to rapidly assign an order to a trip. And if a given vehicle isn’t available, you may need to immediately recalculate your deliveries and routes.

Dynamic Transportation Optimization

At a time where your transportation network is often a backend for your online store or sales team, dynamic optimization can help your company address these difficult challenges.

A built-in optimization engine can help you review information such as on-the-fly time windows, updated delivery times and costs and the best warehouse to pick up your goods. Better yet, a well-designed optimization engine will provide near-perfect results in minutes. In fact, the engine’s performance is often more important than the quality of the results since time savings also reduces cost and increases efficiency.

    A Powerful Solution for Dynamic Transportation Planning

    The Veeroute optimizer can solve most of these types of problems within minutes. Just as important, you can select how much time you’ll wait for your results. If you need an immediate answer or you have time to wait for a precise result – or you’re anywhere between these two options – the Veeroute optimizer can meet your needs.

    • Use on-the-fly optimization to promptly respond to new planning, routing and transportation requirements
    • Schedule pickups and deliveries online immediately after you receive a request
    • Deliver an order the same day you receive it
    • Make your delivery services agile by rescheduling and rerouting trips
    • Review time windows, delivery times and other variables on-the-fly