Business challenges

Improve Service Quality

The quality of service that your company provides your customers is critical to your success. Delivery services are no exception: if you can’t meet your customers’ requirements, you could soon be out of business.

What if your customers increase their demands? They might ask for smaller time windows, same day delivery or a pickup from multiple locations at the same time for a lower cost. To meet their needs, you must monitor your service levels, predict when problems might arise and then act to avoid them.

All these considerations make transportation optimization complicated and dynamic. It requires the engine to recalculate the results each time additional information arrives.

    Improve your Service Levels

    Veeroute optimization uses detailed transportation logic to help you solve complex transportation logistics problems.

    With Veeroute, you can:

    • Determine the quality of service you can provide your customers by analyzing your resources, traffic conditions, time windows and other variables
    • Estimate the cost of offering customers transportation options which better fit their quality and cost requirements
    • Calculate on-the-fly which service levels you can provide and how well you can maintain them as you add new orders
    • Define the service levels you want to achieve and determine the fleet size and number of drivers you’ll need to deliver them