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Field Service Engineers Scheduling

No matter how well built your equipment, it will require regular maintenance and repairing. To ensure the system continues to work well, you’ll need your service engineers in the right places at the right times.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. A job request could arrive without warning from any direction. What’s more, each request could have a different set of priorities, contractual conditions and time windows.

Your team’s circumstances may also create other challenges. A pressing request might require engineers to work together. An emergency request could require an engineer to reassign work to his or her colleagues. Of course, each member of your team will have different skills and expertise.

    Solve Your Field Service Engineer Scheduling Problems

    The Veeroute cloud-based optimization engine can determine the best routes for your field service engineers. If necessary, it can also help you reschedule them dynamically:

    • Develop optimized planning and routing that accounts for differing time windows, work shifts, priorities, emergencies, traffic and levels of skill and experience.
    • Reschedule trips on-the-fly to promptly react to new high-priority and emergency requests
    • Use the optimization criteria which best fit your needs, such as service levels, costs, recovery times, mileage, and grouping
    • Analyze how to organize your services by accounting for scenarios that demand differing numbers of engineers, fleet sizes, service levels and request types.