Veeroute Business Statistics

Business Statistics

Success our clients achieve is the best proof of our high performance.

Veeroute optimizer is successfully applied in various business areas, including last mile and long haul delivery, production planning, field work scheduling and cash logistics. We constantly receive feedback from dozens of our clients and collect business statistics.

The numbers below display how Veeroute helps companies to reach their goals.

Boost your transport logistics


Fleet size optimization


Capacity utilization


Mileage reduction


Fuel efficiency


More deliveries per vehicle


Fleet utilization


Cost savings


Route planning time optimization

Veeroute significantly reduces route planning time:

4.5 times faster

Before: 2-3 hours
After: 40 minutes

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9 times faster

Before: 2-5 hours
After: 20 minutes

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20 times faster

at 100% automation

Increase your service level

Fast service work planning

With optimization, scheduling a visit of a service engineer takes only 7 seconds instead of several days and at least 4 phone calls.

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Routine activity automation

95% of the routes Veeroute builds do not require manual corrections. Thanks to this, the performance of logisticians increased by 4 times.

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Precise delivery timing

Optimization integrated by a large online retailer reduced the delivery interval to 30 minutes and helped it to comply with time windows.

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Extra time windows

Integration increased the number of available delivery windows from 2 to 5. The service quality increased by 95%.

Efficient human resource management

As a result of optimization, the amount of operational load on the office employees decreased by 2 times. The workflow was optimized by 33%.

Consistent service level

With the optimization, the route planning time was reduced by 95%. Fast calculations helped maintain a high level of service during the peak transportation season.

You can evaluate the possible optimization effect before implementing the optimizer in your business IT-infrastructure. Try various transport strategies and design the perfect logistics with Veeroute.