Business challenges

Reduce Cost and Mileage

A thoughtful approach to transportation logistics can be one of the most effective ways for your business to reduce costs, deliver an outstanding customer experience and enjoy a lasting competitive advantage.

Of course, it isn’t easy to find the right balance of cost, mileage, service levels and reliability. In addition, you also must address risk by ensuring any changes you make to improve your company’s competitiveness don’t affect your network’s safety or performance.

    Reduce Costs and Optimize Mileage.

    Veeroute’s cloud-based optimization engine can help. Its transportation optimization features can determine which orders and products you should deliver, how you should deliver them, and your optimal delivery routes.

    With Veeroute, you can:

    • Optimize transportation cost and mileage by analyzing your transportation network’s requirements and restrictions, including time windows, driver and truck shifts, fleet composition, maintenance schedules, salaries and rental costs
    • Use objectives, including cost, mileage, service levels, delivery times and visual grouping to determine which transportation logistics configuration best fits your business model
    • Find the right balance between owned and rented fleets to optimize cost and meet your customers’ requirements
    • Test your beliefs on how to make your transportation network more cost-efficient
    • Analyze the costs associated with your customers’ requirements – such as specific delivery time windows and same day delivery – and offer them the services they want
    • Optimize routes on-the-fly using inputs such as new orders, traffic jams and accidents