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Relog Partnering With Veeroute
Software vendor


Relog automates formation of requests, delivery tracking, building routes and additional logistics operations. Moreover, the functionality includes geocoding, vehicle load calculation and accounting of fuel consumption.

Relog is offered as SaaS, available on all existing maps and regularly updated. All products have a user-friendly interface.

More Relog services:

  1. Relog BI — an analytics module made to assess trends, frequency of deliveries in different zones and drivers' KPIs.
  2. Relog Manager — a mobile tool for executives, displaying statistics on key logistics metrics.
  3. Relog Driver — a mobile application for drivers and couriers.

Veeroute helps Relog to find efficacious and actionable routes accounting for numerous parameters and various criteria. The result of the integration is a flexible logistics tool with powerful optimization capabilities and the user-friendly interface.